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Jan 18, 2013

Love Jihad – New Form of Terrorism

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Love Jihad
Gone are the days, when one used to think, that, terror can be only with guns. A new form of terrorism, took birth, in the name of, “Love Jihad” which left the non Muslim communities of the world, in shock, especially, in India and United Kingdom.

Love Jihad, is an activity under which, young Muslim boys and men, reportedly, target girls and women belonging to non Muslim community, for converting them to Islam in the name of love.

There have been some reports, where, such women were, later forced, to take part in the activities of Jihad. The main aim of the Love Jihad mission is to target the women and young girls belonging to non Muslim community and to convert them to Islam.

Reports of similar activities have come from even United Kingdom. The Hindu, Sikh and Christian organizations have taken this seriously, as there were a number of complaints in this matter.

And even those girls and women who were targeted and have become the sufferers came to the organizations seeking for justice and help.

Many Christian and Hindu organizations have cautioned women and girls, not to fall in this trap. Kerala Catholic Bishops Council stated that, up to, 4,500 girls, in Kerala have been targeted.

Another organization, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, claimed that in the state of Karnataka alone 30,000 girls were converted. Similar reports, have been heard, from various other organizations across the country, where in attempts of love jihad, have been made.

Many reports of acid attacks have been filed in various police stations across the country where in suspected Muslim love jihadi throws acid upon Hindu girls after disappointment or refusal.

Whatever may be the reasons, but, a women’s life is under threat for many reasons and causes. So, Girls and Women please keep one thing in mind “self help is the best help” so, make yourself strong, from inside out, to face anything and everything.


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