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Jan 21, 2013

Low Self-Esteem a Health Issue

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Many of us consider that only problems related to physical body are only health issues that need medical attention.

But, there is the other side of our health, psychological / mental side which is also a health issue.

Low self-esteem is one of the many causes that can degrade your mental health, by leading to depression and anxiety.

In short self-esteem is our opinion, about our self. People, who have low self-esteem, feel unhappy and are not satisfied with themselves.

On the other hand people with high self esteem like themselves and feel proud about their achievements. This can be rectified with proper attention.

What are the characteristics of low self-esteem? Or how can we identify it? Usually a person with low self esteem is critical about himself, thinks of himself as inferior to others and uses negative phrases and words when talking about himself.

People with low self esteem, give credit to luck for their achievements, they don’t take the credit themselves. Low self esteem people, blame themselves if things go wrong and they don’t believe a person who compliments them.

Cause of low self esteem may be many. If a person had a bitter childhood, or critical parents or teachers, it might result in low self esteem.

Poor performance either at school or in later stages at work place also result in low self esteem. An abusive relationship, relationship breakdown, financial trouble and serious illness are all the causes of low self esteem.

There are some ways you can adapt to overcome low self esteem, let’s check them out. Be positive to your own self, treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend and try to understand yourself instead of being critical.

Whenever you face a situation where you criticize yourself, stop for a second and think if you have a genuine reason to do so. Everyone is unique in this world, so never compare with others. Always accept positivity, accept compliments and look for the positive qualities in you.

Always try to live in the present here and now is what should be there in your mind. Involve yourself in fun activities, communicate your needs, opinions and feelings to others, and when you do so, do it in an honest way. Forget the past and stop worrying about anything.

So, say, bye, bye, to low self esteem, and keep your head, and self esteem, always high.


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