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Jan 25, 2013

Man is a Social Animal: Just Thought

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Man is a Social Animal
Rightly said, man is a social animal. Man can't live without society. A question strike to mind that, is that quote remains same worthy as it used to be.

Since this is the age of social networking, gadgets define our life. Facebook, twitters are part and parcel of life.

Fifty per cent youth might be addicted to these social networking sites in the age of digital technology. Thanks to latest gadgets those helping them hanging to these social networking sites for their online friends.

Days are gone by, when people used to remembers the best quotes to write in exam, public speaking or participating in debate competitions.

In the age of modern internet, you need to just Google the word, if not then just post it on Facebook or ask on Twitter, instant answers are ready on your screen.

It is being told that, man can't live without society, but seems this need some correction to 'man can't live without social networking sites'.

Even schools students own facebook account and their aim to have chat, its not about serious business rather friendship.

The level addiction has crossed it boundaries, students, you, man, professional all are busy finding their online friends and might often forget to wish face-to-face.

There is alarm about the rapid changing in social behaviour because these social networking sites, attention is must for the people those was to ratify their error addition with these sites.

Not this post is not against these social networking sites at all rather about the changing behaviour and trends in the society.

Massage is clear, man is social animal, please don't make them social animal addicted to social networking sites, at least.

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