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Jan 7, 2013

Politically Correct: Statements of Politics

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Statements of Politics
Politics without statements is impossible things in this world no water which country or community it related to.

Giving statement is the wonderful thing which politician do very well. And the media, accepts it as sound byte, and news is incomplete without these.

In the recent case of the, gang-rape in India, in the capital, has awaken everyone and people prayed for the peace of the victim, who lost her life.

All echoed that criminals should be punished, yes that is right. The issue rape also started a race of giving statements on the issue of women security in India.

While its okay, to express the view and concern, but the statement should not cross the limit, as all are human being.

Highest respect should  be given to women, and her image should be tarnished with the mere statements.

In fact, there should be 'Laxman Rekha' for making statements for politicians, not for women.  Some of the recent statements alarms about the need for moderation over the statements that could hurt the sentiments and pride of women.  


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