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Jan 26, 2013

The Art of Persuasion – A Book Review

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The Art of Persuasion
The Art of Persuasion is a book written by Bob Burg, who speaks for International corporations and organizations, including the fortune 500 companies. 

Through this book Bob, empowers us with the ability to get, what we want, when we want and from whom we want.

All this without intimidating others, there are many successful people in the society but most of them have some common traits. 

One of them is they are able to get things done from others as and when they want that too with the willingness and positive attitude of the other person. 

Our lives will be really blissful if we are empowered with such ability. Bob, just does this with his book, he empowers us with this skill, using which we can come close to other people and make our life easy.

The important principles that we learn in this book include, the skill of making people feel important, art of dealing with difficult people, how to negotiate and the art of persuasion. 

This book is highly recommendable for executives and professionals, for those in marketing and sales. In general, any person, who has a necessity of dealing with people and getting things done from them, should read this book.


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