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Jan 8, 2013

Tips to Over Come Motion Sickness

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Traveling modes are many, car, train, ship and plane. We use either of these or all of these modes as per our necessity, but there are few people who suffer from Motion sickness, when they travel by any of these modes.

motion sickness
Motion sickness is usually caused by repeated motion, when people travel long distances at a stretch or so. Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness and Sweating are the symptoms of motion sickness.

These changes are a result of changes in one’s sense of equilibrium or balance. It may not be possible to prevent motion sickness, but there are a few things which if we implement will reduce its effect.

When you plan to travel, avoid taking Spicy, heavy and foods that have high fat content. Try to avoid excessive consumption of food or liquids before and during the travel.

Also keep away those food substances that don’t agree with you or will make you feel uneasy.

Sitting facing backwards from your direction of travel will increase motion sickness, so choose a place or seat where you will experience least motion.

If you have motion sickness when you travel by car sit in the front seat, if by plane prefer the middle of the plane over the wing, if ship prefer the lower level cabins.

 If you have motion sickness, do not read any books during traveling and open a window or slide down the glass, if possible so that you get plenty of fresh air.

Try not to think about or worry about motion sickness and stay away from people who suffer from motion sickness. Because, when you hear people talking about it and discussing about it or when you see other people suffering from the same you too will feel ill.

If you really suffer a great deal because of motion sickness, then consult a doctor. There are a few medicines which will help you cope up with motion sickness, the doctor will be able to prescribe what is good for you as per the intensity of your suffering.


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