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Feb 20, 2013

Customers Buy with Heart or Head?

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Right from the corporate to the small business establishments, there is competition for one thing customer’s money. But there are few who succeed and excel in this competition, know who? Those who know the importance of touching customer’s hearts and emotions. It is a bare truth we all experience in our life.

We go to a particular shop or to a particular person to buy something because of the relationship we have with that person. And if we get everything that we need from that particular persons store we prefer going there. Why? Because that particular person was successful in touching our heart and emotions. Those people who know this and implement this become very successful in business.

“The essential difference between emotion and reason is that, emotions lead to action while reason leads to conclusions”. - Donald Calne

This one quote says it all. As humans we prefer going to places and person who fill us with good feelings and emotions. If as a business person, your aim is to get more clients and generate repeat business it is very important to keep this fact in mind. We prefer going to places and people where we are made to feel special, good and important. And customers are humans; the day you understand and implement it you need no worries about your business.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that, it is not important to have a good relationship with customers or clients. Because they think that people prefer those goods or services that are more beneficial and economical and in this emotions and relationships play no role. But it is a wrong notion; customers and clients become loyal when they have a relationship with you, when you become a part of their life by constant good relationship over time.

The day you are successful in establishing such relations with clients and touching their hearts. No matter what your competition may do and market may change, you have no worries. Point to think.

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