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Feb 7, 2013

Friends and Memories last forever says TATA Capital

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Tata Capital
It is funny how a simple ad, like the recent one by Tata Capital Home Loans, can touch upon something so profound and endearing in you. This particular ad only touched on the simple fact of life that memories never move houses, and that somehow provokes you to revisit your life and measure the memories that you share with the place that you grew up in; a place you called home.

One memory that everyone seems to hold close to their hearts is that of that one special friend they had as a child. More often than not this friend happens to define one’s childhood and everything that is nostalgic about it.

From endless hours of playing hide and seek to relentlessly climbing trees in one’s backyard; staying over at each other’s place to spending hours frolicking around each other’s homes for a tease or two – we all have that one friend that saw us through our childhoods and grew up along with us. Such nostalgia of a friendship that goes on to define some of best days of one’s life is often set in the backdrop of one’s own home and never quite in any other place.

Within one’s home, the walls bear witness to the fun you had with your friend scribbling funny pictures across its surface; the floors stand as testaments to the many hours you spent chasing each other through endless games; and the many hours of running around the front lawn of which the garden stands witness to. Often, memories of such a childhood take place in the warm embrace and comforts of one’s own home and these are some of the memories you carry with yourself for life.

It is in these modest yet profound things that one recognises the importance of one’s own house in rearing such a memorable childhood; a house that stood by every game, every fight and every moment of happiness you shared with your friend.

And when a company like Tata Capital hits that emotional chord inside you through this commercial , while offering exceptional services like customized home loan solutions, one realises just how important it is to have a house that can nurture and prosper such memories, not just for yourself but also for your children too. These are the things that one takes along with them throughout their life and it is a home that binds these memories into a memorable whole.


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