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Feb 8, 2013

Healthy Living with Food Supplements: A Book Review

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Healthy Living with Food Supplements
The well known writer, Kamayani Naresh authored the book 'Healthy Living with Food Supplements', which we believe would be very useful for the people aiming living a healthy life with food supplements.

The use of food supplements of late are being on rise, as few want good life style, and other healthy life style. And the intake of such supplements are too helping may over years. Some brands are available in the market, and those are fully approved might not post any side affect.

In this book the author explains the relationship of human body with nature, and suggests the use of food supplements (which are not medicines). Naresh has also narrated the need for food supplements, keeping the readers health in mind. 

The food supplements recommended in this book are best of nature and science, as the constituents are pure extracts of plants/herbs grown in 100% organic and natural environment.

The Author Kamayani Naresh has acquired knowledge and expertise to advice on the usage of food supplements. The author also gives details on the herbs/plants that are used in food supplements, and explains their effect on body and usage directions.

We may be healthy without any illnesses but still do we need Food supplements? We may suffer from illness, and may be on medication; how supplements will help you to overcome illness? You will find answers to all such questions in this book, to state the fact; many people have seen significant improvement of health and fitness across the world, after opting to take food supplements. Now it’s your turn to get benefited, so go get your copy and lead a healthy and fit life.

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  1. I think instead of taking supplements if we do regular exercise or yoga then we can live healthy life. But I would like to read this book to know how actually supplements works for healthy living.