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Feb 25, 2013

India is Fourth Most Terror Hit Country

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India is the forth most terrorism hit country in the world followed by Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the list of most terrorism hit countries in 2011. The last major terror attack was 2008 Mumbai attack, in which the financial capital was brought to stand still for couple of days.

Mumbai was also witnessed the serial blasts in 1993. According to media reports, around 1300 people were lost their life due to terrorism in India since 1993. The recent blasts in Hyderabad is enough indicate that the terrorist have been active to strike against India.

The killing of Sanpanch in Jammu and Kashmir was also clear message that country need react strongly in combating terrorism. Five sapanch were killed in last five months in the valley leaving the people there in panic.

Media reported that the act was carried opposing the hanging of the terrorist Afzal Guru in Thihar jail recently, who was involved in the Parliament attack.

The terrorism in the world is also at the peak, as around 1800 people were killed in Iraq in terror attacks since 2011, and 1486 were killed in Pakistan, 1300 in Afghanistan and 400 in India.

On the contrary, there were no report of death of civilians in terror attack in US after the 9/11 attack in 2001.


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