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Feb 15, 2013

Mobile is your best friend, but books?

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Mobile has replaced books, those were considered as best friends. In the world, most the people carry their handset/mobile maximum time in a day. Some of them may also hang with it during night time at bed too.

Mobile Mania was at peak in 2012. On the contrary, some articles suggest that mobile sales were down by around 3 per cent in 2012.

Considering the fact it is very hard to analyse that passion for mobile has gone up or only the sales affected due to shift of the choice of customer towards other devices like tab, laptop, or other gadgets.

Though, the sales are down, but mobile is an instrument that inspires and guide to many and gradually become one important aspect of life.

A person addiction of keeping mobile all time could not even think to leave it for couple of hours though in a day. Hanging on mobile, using GPRS, chatting, texting are most common things one do while having mobile to time pass.

And sometimes those activities for work as well, thing is here not to blame the user rather count the importance of the activity.

In past, elders used to suggest reading book to learn good while passing leisure time. Television has replace book , when it was newly launched in 80’s and won the world in 90’s and become favourable instrument to pass time or spend leisure time.

Not mobile has replaced the TV from this category, now people seen hanging out with their mobile devices everything, when they are alone or having some free time to spend.

It is not that mobile has hampered the productivity; rather it enhanced the quality and unlimited working time for top executives. Thanks for the advancement of technology that also helping making people more productive through the mobile device using various apps or applications.

Indeed, the mobile has become best friend for everyone irrespective of age and culture. But fact can’t be denied that, progress will be there if all the forces are used in proper and right direction. Similarly, use of mobile in right direction would be beneficial for both the user and society.


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