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Feb 1, 2013

Protect Environment, Plant Tress

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Protect Environment,
Time has to come, everyone should focus on the need for a movement to act aiming protecting environment. The environment has been deteriorated world-wide and it should be compensated by planting more trees, wherever and whenever is possible.

To know that we badly damaged the environment , no need for scientifically authentication rather we need to think differently. On a positive note, more and more tress can be planted to have a balance between the damage is done so far with nature.

If that can't be done early, then it would be very late for the next generation to get clear and healthy environment to live. When we talk about sustainable development, it defines for a consistent progress maintaining the available resources we have for a long time.

The rapid expansion of  industries and services might not be aiming with the view of sustainable development, rather it is no the path of short term developing or sky rocketing in short span of time.

There should also be plans to protect the nature, and we should abide by the thought that the next generation has a right to live a healthy environment, which we got fortunately.

Just thought, we could have missed the environment we have today, if the rapid industrialization took place in the beginning of 19 century.  There need for act, so please save the world, plant a tree to provide good and healthy environment for the next generation to come.


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