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Feb 11, 2013

Social Media: Is your social profile secure?

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In the era of social media, social networking, everybody wants to join these sites to show their presence. And that is not bad at all. But the recent news of hiking of twitter alarms that everybody should think to make their profile more secure.

Twitter is a micro-blogging sites, and your tweets will be considered as authenticate your version. In other words, your tweets can be consider as your byte officially.  For the first time, the PMO held its press conference through this site, where journalists had put their question.

Users of twitter should also keep security as their priority and keep changing their passwords.

Another big social networking sites that is not only famous but has reached to almost all in the country like India is facebook. There are around six crore users of interest in India, chat and share their information on this site.

Craze of using this site - facebook is seem at peak among youngsters in India. That said that users those are not well acquainted with online phishing, might in real danger. If their account is hacked and someone posts some contradictory statements, then it would considered as their act of the account user, who is going to face the music later on.

However, the security of these sites are enough to protect your privacy. But, users of social networking sites should take care themselves about their privacy and making their account more secure.


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