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Feb 25, 2013

Top 5 Business Principles to Learn from Nature

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business principles from nature
As a business aspirant, we always listen to big business consultants, authors and businessmen. But the Nature has everything to give you even for your business. The meaning of business and competition has been changed over period of time. The world has become competitive for business; everyone is in the race of competition.

The meaning of competition in business was not same in 17th Century, by then competition, which is the core element of business, was considered as “to strike for a common goal”.

But 21st century, the meaning of business –competition has been changed to “to win at any cost”.

Mother Nature is the best business consultant, who her we can learn best business principles for sustainable and overall development.

Nature provides equal opportunity to all the creatures, plants and species irrespective of their size and community.

It has been successful in nurturing all equally from the time it was evolved, the evaluation of nature tells us.

Here are the top five principles of nature – which one business man should learn for sustainable development and success:

1. Diversity: There are plenty, and plenty of option in business to follow. Diversification is the best method to cherish and grow. The nature has diversity and it has power though to look after all. In business, one also needs to have diversity, a new approach very time to have success on your side.

2. Adaptation: Nature teaches us to adapt to any situation, no matter how hard it could be. Nature has adapted to toughest condition and able to preserve life there. Difficulties are obvious in business and one needs to learn the adaptation from the nature to stick to business during toughest times or hard time.

3. Resiliency: There should be resilience of flexibility in your approach while doing business. Look at the nature, it will teach about the resiliency in every sphere of life, plants etc. And this is the best business principle to achieve success. Consider this principle and start implementing into your business model, sure that it would bail out you from the obstacles in business.

4. Balance: Try to balance in your business to achieve success. Nature shows the best balance in its activity, which could be great motivating factor and principle for business leaders in world. Take the example any successful businessmen; there will be perfect balance in their work, life and approach.

5. Harmony: In the field of business or life, one should need to maintain harmony. Nature tells us live in harmony, not in unrest. Without harmony the world would have ended many century ago. In business too, on need to learn this biggest lesson from nature to keep growing and maintaining perfect harmony with everyone.

These are the top five business principles one need to learn from the nature, for success, sustainable development and consistent performance.


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