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Feb 22, 2013

Top Five Ways to Build Good Relations

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You may be in any profession or business, but maintaining good relations with your team mates or peers or with any other person, is very important for your success. Almost every one of us wants to be good at maintaining relations, but we find very few people around us, who have mastered this art.

Let us see what are the things that we need to keep in mind to maintain good relations.

1) Giving Respect: If you observe those who are successful and great, all these people have one thing in common that is showing respect. They respect people, not looking at the status of the other person, but because it is their nature to do so. If you are the one who is aiming at maintaining good relations, Start giving respect to the other person, let it be the peon in the office or C. E. O. Put this into practice and see the results.

2) Know Each Other: Showing respect for the other person is the foundation for establishing a relation. But for the relation to grow and nurture, you need to know about the other person. So, share some light moments with the other person, share your thoughts and know their thoughts. Doing this brings people together and establishes a relationship.

3) Gain Trust: When you have spent time with the other person, and know his thoughts, you will be in a position to develop trust. Gaining the trust of the other person is very important to maintain a good relation, because without trust it is not possible to establish good relation.

4) Give and Take: If you want to be good at relations, play both roles, that of a giver and receiver and never ever, don’t stick yourself to only one role. Because one-sided relations don’t last long, so play both roles, and let both benefit.

5) Accept the Other Person as He/ She Is: Just like every coin has two sides, every person has both positive and negative shades. Learn the good things from the other person, and leave the rest.

It takes no effort to break a relationship but for a relation to be good and lasting it takes great efforts, so, follow these simple things and build good relations.


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