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Feb 7, 2013

What are Leadership Qualities?

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leadership qualities
We all keep hearing this word leadership and its importance in the management context again and again. But, what exactly are leadership qualities? How do we recognize those qualities in a person? Let’s check them out.
  • A Leader should have self confidence that he can accomplish what ever task he undertakes. You may not have the resources to achieve a goal, but if you have confidence, you will definitely reach your goal.
  • He should be aware of his strengths and weaknesses and should be an expert at managing himself. One who is good at managing himself can manage others, so self management is a very important leadership quality. 
  • He should always strive and work towards improvement in both personal and professional field. Leader always looks for Perfection and mastery, and so he constantly keeps on improving himself. 
  • A leader should always have a vision for the future and should work in that direction. He should be able to assess the future conditions and should plan and work accordingly. 
  • He should be self driven, and self motivated to work towards his goal. One who has a burning desire to achieve something, becomes self driven and no force can stop him. 
  • A leader always feels accountable to whatever job he under takes. 
  • Leader should be very good at handling people and managing a team and getting results. Leadership is essentially working with people and motivating them to work towards a common goal. 
  • A leader is one who empowers others, installs confidence in them, and encourages them to improve. 
  • A Leader is one who accepts change, and continues working towards his goals. 
  • A leader is one who is able to motivate others to do the work and get the desired results.


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