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Mar 29, 2013

Business Etiquette at Corporate Events

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Appropriate behavior and Business etiquette is expected from everyone in corporate events. But there will be only few persons who are trained as to how to conduct themselves in such occasions. We have a chance and necessity to learn these things only when we are in the job.

But not everyone is sure until unless they are formally trained for such occasions as to how they are conducting themselves in such occasions. And until and unless they are sure about this they cannot be at ease at such an occasions. To state the fact, the very purpose of business etiquette is to create such an atmosphere where in people are at ease and comfort with each other.

Here are some of the Business Etiquette tips that will clear most of our doubts, let’s have a look at them.

1) When you get invited for a corporate event, make sure that you reply within a week from the day you receive the invitation, whether you will be able to attend the event or not.

2) All is good if you are able to attend at the event as planned, but if in case any emergencies land up in the last minute make sure that you immediately notify the host about your inconvenience, backed by sincere regrets.

3) Make sure that you are dressed well and everything is pressed. Most of such events specify the attire that you should be wearing.

          a) If business attire you should be wearing suite with black tie.
          b) If business casuals you should be wearing trousers / khakis with long sleeve shirts.
          c) You should wear Jackets and ties as instructed or specified.

4) Most of such events specify the time of arrival, but it is always best to be there at least twenty minutes early.

5) Extend and give hand shake as soon as you arrive at the place, and before you leave the place, make sure that you give firm hand shake with sincere smile making eye contact.

6) When in group always extend your hand shake to the host first.

7) When introducing people, always introduce lower ranking people to the higher ranking people, including titles and name prefixes.

8) When in group always sand up or sit up straight and maintain good eye contact. Find topics of mutual interest and include everyone in the discussion. Always encourage others to talk about themselves. And most important avoid using foul language or slang in conversations.
Never drink more than two alcoholic drinks. when briefly stepping away place napkins on the chair seat or arm and when you finish eating, place the fork and knife in the 4:00 position
Thank the host in person prior to leaving and send a “thank you” note to the host within a week.

Check out on these points and you are sure to conduct yourself as a person with good business etiquette, at all corporate events.


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