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Mar 20, 2013

Fake E-Mail In The Name of RBI

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phishing caution
phishing caution
Now, a fake e mail may land up in your mail box, allegedly from India’s Central bank, asking denizens to secure their bank account details with the RBI. So, any time you get a mail from the RBI think twice. Experts said, this is an attempt by fraudsters to compel people into giving away bank account details and lose hard-earned money, security.

The fake email says that RBI has launched a new security system, asking users to click on a link to open a page with list of banks in place. Once anyone chooses a particular bank, it asks for all net banking details, including card numbers and the secret three digit CVV number, and other details.

The RBI has also been flooded with queries from citizens across the country. A senior RBI official said "I get at least four such calls a day," RBI is cautioning people that the central bank, "has not developed any such software and nor has it sent any such mail asking online banking customers to update their account details to secure their online accounts." The RBI does not even have any mail id with extension@rbi.com, the central bank says.

The bank has warned that "Members of public receiving such mails should not open the attachment and/or try to download the attachment on their computers. This is a phishing mail and accessing the mail in any manner could result in identity theft"

Defense analyst C Uday Bhaskar, said "Online frauds are increasing and predictively so. As your dependency on cyber increases, it concurrently opens up to misuse. People should not panic but awareness must increase in a big way also”

Now the bank is planning a massive pan-India publicity campaign to educate people on such scams and create awareness about not responding to such emails or messages.


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