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Mar 30, 2013

Importance of Work Place Etiquette

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Though many skilled Indian workers have degrees from top universities, analysts said they often lack the basics of international workplace etiquette. Such as dressing properly, hosting a meeting, making inoffensive, small talk and using cutlery. These deficiencies are lessening India’s leadership potential.

Infosys built a Global Education Center in Mysore, to teach more than 50,000 graduates leadership and corporate manners. The company has also partnered with 400 engineering schools to train 4,400 faculty members. These faculty members will train more than 80,000 students in soft skills and how to be "industry-ready" when they graduate.

The country's largest information technology company, Tata Consultancy Services, has an in-house training center along with an affirmative action program. It has joined hands with the government to help economically disadvantaged students improve their office and leadership skills.

If graduates and skilled people want to survive in this competitive world, it is very much necessary to train themselves in soft skills. Just degrees and skill sets will not help to secure a job; you should develop and sharpen your soft skills as well.

A lot of importance has been laid on these points when people are selected to work in corporate offices. You should be well equipped and well mannered to carry yourself in such a way that you earn respect. There are institutes that are meant to train people only in this aspect, corporate etiquette, manners and soft skills that are necessary to survive in the corporate world.

So, whether you are student looking for a career in corporate or an employee looking for a career shift into the corporate. You need to have good soft skills, along with technical skills and good educational qualification. So, equip yourself with the soft skill, and corporate etiquette and manners before you dream of a corporate career.


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