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Apr 2, 2013

Believe You Can! and You Can

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Almost all the successful people in the world have again and again said the same thing. “If You Think You Can You Can.” Believing in one self that you are capable of fulfilling your goals and dreams is something that doesn’t come easily to everyone. It is only this one belief that is making some one into a leader and the rest followers.

I would like to give a very common example, in India it is quiet common that we see some people performing circus feats on the road as a means of earning livelihood. Some times in these shows we see small children that too girls performing feats, small girl hardly five years, climbing on the rope, balancing the stick and walking without fear.

We have children at our homes, but we can hardly imagine our children doing so. We take 101 precautions when it comes to our children, what is the difference between that child and this child, absolutely nothing God has blessed every child with same brains and physical capabilities. It is because of the belief that is installed in the child, by her parents or guide made her capable of performing at that level.

Yes, if this is true in case of a child, how much more true it holds to elders with all the knowledge of the world, this is what differentiates the leaders from the followers, the same belief system. It is always very important to keep in mind one thing that God in his mercy has blessed all humans with the same brains those who have made use of it shine and the rest, rest. Believe that successful people don’t dropout from some where they live with us like us but they dream and dare to realize those dreams. Because they know that “They can.”

So, “Think You Can and You Can”


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