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Apr 3, 2013

Five ways to bounce back into Life

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Born human it is quiet natural to face ups and downs in life there will be hardly anyone who has not felt the thorns in the rose. But those people who in spite of facing all the challenges don’t lose their hope and start all over again to get the best out of life become winners. Those who having faced challenges and remain stuck in them not finding a way to get out of the rut become losers.

Bouncing back to life after facing challenges is not a very difficult task to accomplish, if it would have been so, there would not be so many heroes and role models in front of us. Well, then what are the ways for us to bounce back into life when we are faced with a challenge. Let’s look at those five ways.

1) The easiest way to look at the challenge or problem is to come out of it and look at it from outside. Until you imagine yourself to be a part of the problem you cannot come to a best solution. So, look and analyze the problem from the eyes of the outsider and then come to a solution.
2) Most of the times when we face challenges in life, it is our nature to throw the blame on others for such a situation. Many times though we know that we are wrong we don’t like accepting it. Don’t do that instead of that accept the situation as it is and know what you can do to correct yourself and move ahead.

3) Instead of looking at the situation like a problem try to deal with it like a lesson you have to learn. See what the whole thing is about and what you need to learn from it and move ahead, when you start looking at challenges like this, you have no more challenges Just lessons to learn from and move ahead.

4) It will be very easy for anyone to overcome challenges in life when one is clear about the purpose in life. Always keep in mind that your purpose in life is higher to live higher life in every possible manner. When you see that you have a higher purpose to fulfill and a reason to move ahead it becomes very easy to overcome that pain and bounce back into life.

5) The problem with our mind is that most of the times it lives either in the past or in the future but never in the present. When we face a challenge in life we recollect all the past experiences and imagine all the possible future problems. When you stop doing it and look at the situation itself not keeping into mind past or present you will easily find out a solution. Deal with the present, and don’t think of past or future.

Keep these simple things in mind when faced with challenges in life and come out with flying colours like a winner.


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