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Apr 2, 2013

Good or Bad - It's what You Desire

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Well, it is the desire to excel and outperform others that leads one to success. It is the desire a burning desire to attain recognition name and fame that leads someone on the road of success. It is the desire of one individual that has lead to the establishment off big business empires.

Desire is something which if you use it for good, gives good results, and holds the capability of elevating you to higher levels. Gandhiji had a desire to free our nation and his desire made him, Mahatma. Mother Theresa had a desire to serve and we all know her achievements. Right from attaining mundane things and material achievements, to attaining the liberation it is the desire that backs all human activities.

You know why so many people remain where they are without any progress either in material way or spiritual way, because they lack desire. If your desire is directed towards material achievements you will achieve them, if it is directed for the benefit of the humanity, you will do so, if you desire to attain liberation you will liberate yourself.

Desire is a very powerful force that can uplift or throw down a person. So, have desires that will bring success to you as a person and uplift other people also. We see different people around us those who have desired for the wrong things, immoral things have always seen the fall, where as those whose desires were directed towards positive things achieved success in life.

It is the desire that makes one go to a temple and the other one to a bar, it is the desire that makes one walk the spiritual path and the other material path. It is the desire that makes one invent useful tools for humanity and it is the same desire that results in inventing the most dangerous weapons.

So, always keep a watch on your desires as to which way they are leading you, change the way if you need to and take the path of success and prosperity.


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