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Apr 1, 2013

Machines Making Life easy or more Complicated?

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All the inventions, electronic devices and machines are supposed to make human life easy, so that man can spare his valuable time for other things. But is this really happening, the contrary is what is happening his life is becoming more and more complicated with all the devices.

Cell phones, e-mails all the so called facilities are making our life more and more complicated and increasing stress. Before cell phones and e-mails came into existence, office work was just limited to office and when people came back home they used to spend their time with family.

Computers are supposed to do so much of work in a fraction of second and in today’s time almost all offices and work places are computerized. But still we find people doing their official work even after coming home.

Emails are a big revolution, and yet people hardly find time for other things. People have become sort of addicted to checking mails, whenever there is a pop up or a beep sound, we immediately attend to it. We might be in the temple, or in a hospital, or traveling we might be doing anything, but messages reach us anywhere and everywhere, and we keep occupied by them.

Physically we might be present anywhere with family or friends but are we able to give them our attention no. Our bodies are present with them, and we are always occupied by our work, computers, mails and phone calls. Hardly we have time either for ourselves or for our loved ones.

So, machines and technological advancements are really making our life easy and stress free or are they making our life more complicated leaving us more stressed than ever? Well, everything depends on us how we use these things and to what extent, isn’t it.

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