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Apr 5, 2013

Personal responsibility leads to Success

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Most of the people spend time criticizing their circumstances, situations, persons or even God responsible for their misery and unhappiness. But the point they miss out is that, no one is responsible for either your success or for your failure there are people who have come out of hell like situations in life and yet could prove themselves as exemplary persons.

Take for example lotus, though it derives its life from the mud underneath it remains totally unattached to it and blossoms beautifully remaining untouched by the mud. I believe that it is the best example we can ever take. It doesn’t blame the mud or the dirty surroundings, and it gives no excuses it continues to have its own entity though living there.

We should learn that quality from lotus; we should not keep blaming our parents, friends or circumstances and fate for where we are. Instead we should assume and take up the personal responsibility to correct and our own lives and shape it the way we want.

When you take up the responsibility for changing yourself and your life you will see that life becomes easy and you become more confident about what your life holds for you. As long as you wait for the circumstances to change and people to change so that you can go on the path of success easily remember it is not going to happen.

So, if you want to go on the path of success, be accountable to your own self. What did I do today to better myself personally and professionally, did I learn a new skill or have I improved in my behavior. As long as you keep asking these questions to yourself you will keep improving in all aspects of your life.

Taking responsibility onto yourself in all aspects of your life, in everything right from your health to inner development is the only key to open the doors of success. So, if you want to see success accept responsibility of improving yourself in all aspects and keep working till you realize your dreams.


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