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May 18, 2013

IPL Fixing rattles Cricket Lovers

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How did you feel about the recent fixing tales in IPL matches? The peace bowler Srishant has accepted his blunder of spot fixing, and the media has also highlighted his indication to bookies in form of signals while bowling.

Cricket is no longer to be call game of Gentlemen’s. Racism and fixing have been there in the international cricket. Some of the Pakistan cricketers were charged with fixing matches recently and perhaps this is the first time that it moved on IPL players.

Surprisingly, the trio players betrayed the people and cricket lovers with involving the spot fixing. The game of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been on the successful tournaments in the world.

The tournament has been one of the most expensive and profit making venture, where all owners, those invested have been doing simply business by entertaining crowd.

The channels have been also earning huge chunk of profit by telecasting it. The fixing was there to gain from spot fixing, and the three players reportedly agreed to dance to the tune of bookies, which landed them behind bars leaving a mark on the IPL game.

After the issue of the spot fixing the taste of IPL has been fade away. Cricket fans might not be fond of cricket again at least over the IPL matches, and may not take the rest of the matches seriously.


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