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May 4, 2013

Is advertising helping business and economy?

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advertising helps business and economy
The core objective of advertising is the sale or earns major profit for company. When it comes to the interest of the economy, the advertising has indirect impact on the economy. Obviously, it has been helping the economy in form of multiple taxes, the company pay, customers pay, and traders pay as excise tax.

In a capitalist economy, the scope of advertising would be vast, where are in a mixed economy it could be less than that. But the word ‘globalization’ has somehow changed the meaning of the classifications of the economies.

Many countries in the world have free trade and protection – foreign trade policy, keeping the interest of their companies and industries. However, in the peak age of globalization, no economy could survive without entering into foreign trade tie-ups.

Coming back to the industries and companies, the advertising cost is the input for a cause that educates consumers and sales brand. In India, the television advertising is pegged at Rs.13,000 crore and its it’s huge amount if the whole GDP is taken into consideration.

A government welfare scheme is incurred around as much as amount to reach the people or bring them under the cover the policy. Companies do spend more and more on adversiting to reach vast customers, the input later could be turned into sales.

No doubt that a economy is being boosted by the companies and their advertisement. The arena of advertising is also helping in job creation, which is one the path of the sustainable development for economy.

The correlation of advertising industry is with many multiple industries like – entertainment industry, television industry, media and moreover it could a umbrella shape of service that provides to all and cover all.

Advertising agencies have been delivering the best services to their clients through their creativity, which the customers do like always. Just imagine, a television show without ads would be just boring and new advertisements do add glamour into the programme.

In order to make the companies more successful, consumers need to give their support to the advertisements, which would ultimately help the business and economy.


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