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May 27, 2013

People in favor of NDA: Survey

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The Zee Media Studies has conducted a survey about the current political scenario in India and they are going to choose which party to rule the country. Around 12,000 responded have participated in the survey, most of them choose the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to back to power in the next general election.

The UPA II has completed it four years tenure in the centre for the second time and it is on the way to complete it tenure by 2014. Most of the respondents also agreed that the UPA II government would complete it tenure.

If the survey taken in to consideration, then in the election NDA would be getting majority to form the government and Narendra Modi was the prime chose among the other candidates for the top job.

Around 45 percent of responded have voted in favor of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of the India. While 10 percent of the respondents have selected L K Advani . Interesting few other have also selected some industrialists as the Prime Minister candidate, as they would like to top industrialists for the best job in the country.

Coming to the NDA, the coalition may become stronger after projecting Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. However, there may be difference among coalition parties in NDA over the PM projection.

Few leaders do believe that projecting Naredra Modi would bring Hindu voters together as it was happen after the Ram Janam Bhumi issue. BJP and its allies may get the majority of Hindu votes upon projecting a strong saffron leader as the Prime Minister candidate.

However, election is an uncertain game for all, where projection could be right some time but may times the voters swing could not be conjecture.


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