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May 29, 2013

Social Media is an addiction

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Social media arena has been growing in many folds of late. Young generation may stare at you as if you’re an illiterate – if you’re not aware of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more.

The availability of social media sites on mobile phones gave free to all to reach and explore these social media sites.

The prime aim of being social media is to be social and the beauty of these sites is there is no relationship to define but Friend.

There you’ll find freedom to call whatever the actual relationship one has the other profile, but you can call him or her friend. Even in some profiles, father is called friend on Facebook, strange but true.

Coming to addiction part of the social media sites, being available on all the gadgets including the mobile phones those are common in use, many have become addicted to these. There are many symptoms to recognize an addiction, and the addiction of social media sites would also be identified.

The foremost sign of addiction is, one becomes feeble or feel like lost something if he or she not get any update from friends on his profile. Starts tilting the possible phenomenon, what could be the reason of not getting any updates to profile?

In fact, in some days there won’t be anything to share with your friends, but who is addicted may take this version very different and dramatize the episode.

Another symptom could be often checking the profile time and again, some do check their profile every minute, and obviously they have nothing to do with that profile during other time.

These sort of symptoms or signs are indicating that we are leaning towards the path addiction, which could cost more personally.

Using social media and getting connected with friends or online profile is good, but remembers excess of everything is very bad.

Before it become daunting task to get-rid off, start minimizing the usage of social media so that it would toll on by taking shape of addiction.


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