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Jul 10, 2013

Is the meaning of Social Media changed?

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The term social media in the internet market has vast scope. The rise of few social media sites has changed the meaning and purpose of the social media. In the arena of internet marketing and web promotion, social media promotion has prominence place and many of the social networking sites have contributed a lot in the last decade.

Some huge traffic generating sites- stumble upon and reddit have diverted million of users to many websites. But those may seldom have generation such traffic. And it’s clear that no traffic no profit so as the use of many social media sites could be redundant.

Interestingly the rise of facebook, google+ and twitter are said to be major pillars for the social media arena of late. Considering the changed scenario, it could be guess easily that the meaning of the social media sites have been changing rapidly and might be limited to few sites.

Everyday many new social networking sites have been entering into the pace to meet the internet user requirements and provide them the best content. And most these sites could not stand firm against the challenges and strong market competition, let alone making profit out it.

The question is obvious, why to use the social media sites if those are not worthy in terms of traffic or visits to your site. The fact can’t also be denied that some the major social media sites are being used or dedicated to friendship, not for the internet marketing.

And those know the techniques how to convert those into traffic, they are sure to make profit out these nevertheless the purpose of the social media site meant for. The represents the skill of the internet marketing entrepreneurs, those know how to fight the odd situations.

The meaning has been on a path to change, but the usage has been same. So if you know the key – the success is yours. If you don’t know keep trying these social media sites.


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