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Jul 23, 2013

Lack of Issues for 2014 Elections

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Political parties in India have been in hunt for issues to fight the mega election battle in 2014. The major issues would be corruption and high prices, leaving these two issues all the parties need some catchy things to highlight in the election.

Voters in India have been getting the update about the political parties through public domains – news channels, news sites, social networking sites and radio news. They know the exact situation of the country and would decide the fate of many leaders in the forthcoming election.

The recent verdict of the Supreme Court over the disqualifying the criminal from contesting election was the milestone in Indian politics. It was needed to stop electing criminals to the temple s of Indian democracy – Parliament and state Assemblies.

Peoples’ representation Act is there to boost the electoral and political reforms in India and the recent verdict is going to help these in many ways.

It would be interesting to see if the political parties would contest the elections over development issue. For more than six decades the development issues like – food, cloth and shelter, have been used to lure voters.


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