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Aug 14, 2013

Public Opinion: Role of Social Media

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 social media and public opinion
In a democracy the public opinion matters like anything, and obviously quantity is dominating the judgement. In the country like India, where politics has hardly on its path of political reforms, here comes the role of social media in contributing to the object.

Social media has been widely accepted by youth, and they are citizens of the country. They decide their leaders; they elect them and send to the temples of democracy – Parliament, State Assemblies, State Legislative Councils.

Over the decade, the popularity of social media has made significant changes, the present of political leaders and using this platform justifies the view. It would not be wrong to say that, through social media, public opinion could be gathered for various purposes and for political reforms.

On the contrary, the wrong use or paid publicity could also hamper the political reform process. So, the judgement should not be taken on that particular media. Social media in India no doubt at the peak but still it needs to achieve the complete formation to establish astonishing role to bring changes in the political reforms.

What would be the impact on the society if social media manages to gather best public opinion? The answer lies that, the main stream media is now capable of bring changing the society and stopping corruption, by highlighting or exposing the matters, while having concrete evidences to their claim.

One day, the social media could also reach the top position, where the users’ opinion could bring many fold changes into the society – politically. The social networking sites like –facebook, twitter, Google plus and linked in have been widely accepted by the people in the world including Indians.

Political leaders come to know about the greater role the social media is going have in future. Now you can follow prominent leaders on some sites and put your questions. If the social media takes giant share then its role would be important in bringing political reforms in India and maintaining the inflow of public opinion for a better society, better India.

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  1. Public opinion in India through social media is a new platform where people can make their voices heard.