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Sep 10, 2013

Is Politics on Bills Mounting Pressure on Economy?

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 food security bill
What exactly the health of Indian economy? Can you gauge the dept of the crisis that the Indian economy has been going through now?

These questions are obvious and meaningful, if any one asking you about the economy and its condition. The current circumstances are creating panic over downgrade economy, that really going through a bad patch.

The situation was bit quite different and healthy (personal opinion of the writer) as of 1991, where the road to economic reforms was exactly started. Now the situation has repeated the history, but the situation is dealing with different crisis.

It is not wrong to say that the stock markets were tumbled due the more domestic reasons than the euro debt crisis.  The governments has pushed many bills in to the lower house and those could be aiming the 2014 general elections.

But the bills like Food Security, Pension Bill, Land Acquisition Bill might not be in favor of the capitalist form of economy.  Bill might have affected adversely to the economy. And no doubt that in future these bill would help the people of India.

 Considering the current economic crisis the politics over the bill and introducing those in haste could be bring more shocks to the economy, which is already on a bad condition.  


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