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Sep 18, 2013

Who is Wise, By the Way?

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There are many people you come across believing them wise by virtue, needless to say the suggestion would well enough to make a you a perfect person – literally meaning – A Wise Man.

The simple logic behind considering other person wise is that the first person looks at his negative qualities. And start comparing his negative qualities with the other person’s good qualities, where he or she reached at conclusion that himself or herself not good or wise.

The comparison of good with bad is always give negative thought or impression. And that actually damages the confidence of the person, who considers that he is not wise enough.

Always considering own negative thoughts is bad and it would worse if other person start counting your bad qualities. Whatever may be the situation, never consider the other person completely good or bad because it is obvious that everybody make mistakes.

Lest considering the logic, if you see other persons are good enough, then you might not have that much problem, anyway related.

Your problem is associated with the community your living in and if all the persons in the community good. Except you- no chance at all.

One popular saying goes like this – A person who makes no mistake can’t do anything.

That is not saying that knowingly you should do mistakes, interesting thing about mistake is that is unpredicted and unprecedented.

More interesting thing about it that, after it happened, you’d come to know that you made a mistake. And past is powerful since you can undo it. So plan to not to repeat it, that’s all.

Take the good suggestions from others, and if you dare ask them if they implemented in their life and what results they oriented.


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