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Nov 19, 2013

Bottleneck is Prime Concern in Odisha?

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 The cyclone in Odisha is proved a double edge sword for the people – first the panic of cyclone aftermath and the sky rocketing prices. In the market, the price of vegetables is out of reach of the people due the bottleneck in the supply side.

Once potato was common vegetable and popular food recipe in the state, but of late the scenario has been changed. The price has been doubled since the cyclone struck the coastal belt of the state. In the list of dearer goods, onion has been in the list and the same was missing from the market across the country let alone Odisha market.

Next the potato followed by rumors about the salt in the market. It is the perfect time for the vendors and dealers to practice the bottleneck method to gain maximum profit in short period.

In economics, the supply and demand forces in the market determine the price. That is fact, when it comes to bottleneck over the supply side; it is obvious that demand would go high making the price of the goods to a new high.

In order to control the situation the state government has made adequate steps to check the bottleneck by ordering potatoes from neighbor states. In a next couple of weeks, the situation would be normal again since the supply side correction would bring down the price in the market.

But the big question is that, should there not be any mechanism to check the bottleneck beforehand.


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