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Feb 3, 2014

Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala organizes ‘PATIALA AGAINST DRUGS’, an awareness drive on Drug Abuse

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Patiala:Drug usage for recreation leads to addiction and once somebody comes under the grip, it is extremely difficult for them to get rid of it. The addiction not just ruins the life of the drug user but also makes the lives of their family members difficult.

Quitting drugs get difficult as the body becomes used to it and the craving takes the person back to it, despite making sincere attempts to quit it. Hence, it becomes increasingly important to spread awareness about the health hazards of drug use and all the miseries it brings along, so that people abstain from trying it. Efforts need to be made to deter people, especially young children, from falling prey to it.

Few topics in India generate more emotional debate than the growing inclination of people towards substance abuse for recreational purposes. Over recent years, several reports have highlighted that Punjab is one state in India which is in the grip of a drug crisis. To curb the menace of drug abuse and sensitize people about its severe consequences, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala organised a walkathon – ‘Patiala against Drugs’, in the city today.

It was an effort by Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala to bring all the stakeholders, including government, people and rehabilitation centers, together to contain the incidences of drug abuse in the city.

The walkathon witnessed participation of around 1200 students from various schools and colleges, including Delhi Public School, DPS, Budhadal Public School, Yadwandera Public School,Shri Guru Harikishan Public School.

Prior to the walkathon, the hospital had been involving students to stand up against drug abuse. Pledge Walls were created in various educational institutions where students pledged to stay away from drugs.

“Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala has constantly been working towards creating awareness on various health issues. Since drugs abuse is one of Patiala’s biggest concerns and is leading to declining health conditions of people in and around the city, we believe it is our responsibility of getting the youth back into mainstream. Hence, we are collaborating with various social and educational institutions as a step towards finding a solution to curb this menace,” said Mr. Kanishka Nohria, the General Manager of Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala.

The walkathon began following the ribbon cutting by the Chief Guest, Mr.Chand Singh, Patiala Police Service, DSP HQ Patiala. It started at 9 am from Baradari Garden in the city and finished at Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala around 10:30 am.

All the participating institutes were honored by Mr.Chand Singh and Nohria after the walkathon in an awards ceremony in the hospital premises. The representatives of the schools and colleges once again reaffirmed their pledge there.

Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala looks to take more ambitious initiatives in the future by involving all the stakeholders in its effort to fight more actively against drug abuse. The hospital will organize regular talks on the issue in association with school, colleges and social organizations.

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