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Mar 5, 2014

ArthaYantra Ties-up with Faujnet to Provide Financial Advice to Over 3 Lakh Armed Force Personnel

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ArthaYantra.com, India’s largest online personal finance advisor and Faujnet.com today announced a strategic partnership for the Armed Force Personnel. The partnership would help the companies to provide financial advice services to the highly under-served Armed Force Personnel segment of the market. As per the arrangement members of Faujnet would get automatic access to services of ArthaYantra.

ArthaYantra has become India's largest online personal finance advisor with 50,000+ registered individuals. The user friendly “Arthos” is an online and end-to-end personal finance platform which replaces the traditional human advisor and can generate customized personal finance advice instantly. One can create a financial plan, implement recommendations and monitor performance on a single platform.

Consumers with limited knowledge of finance can use “Arthos” easily and get actionable advice in real time and create a concrete action plan to achieve their financial goals. “Arthos” users get wealth management grade advice from the comforts of their home and don't have to depend on visiting individual financial advisors.

Commenting on the deal Nitin Vyakaranam, CEO of ArthaYantra says “It is a matter of pride for ArthaYantra that we can help our Armed Force Personnel to secure their Financial future. Our commitment to unbiased advice for salaried individuals will be further strengthened by this endeavor. We expect strategic alliances to further drive our exponential growth in the next few years.”

Faujnet, which provides solutions for Armed Force Personnel, would be expanding its portfolio of services through this partnership. Faujnet helps retired Armed Force Personnel to develop a career post their retirement from the services.

CEO of Faujnet, Captain Venkata Ramana adds “This strategic alliance will reinforce our core values of addressing the welfare of the Armed Force Personnel by not only finding employment opportunities in corporates but also helping them secure their Financial future. Majority of the Armed Force Personnel at the time of retirement are at an age where they have numerous un-finished responsibilities. With this service we would be able to fulfill the aspirations of soldiers.”

Armed Force Personnel who fight for our country and are often deprived of high quality financial services, can now get access by availing ArthaYantra’s services.

About ArthaYantra

ArthaYantra is India's largest online personal finance advisor. It helps salaried individuals grow their money and achieve their goals. It is an innovative company started by a group of alumni of the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. Arthayantra provides holistic, customized and wealth management grade financial advice online to salaried Indian professionals. The advice encompasses all aspects of personal finance including financial health check, goal based advice, insurance advice for risk management, tax advice and behavioral finance driven investment portfolio. ArthaYantra caters to its clients through the web-based personal finance platform, “Arthos”, which is being used by more than 50,000 families across 500+ cities in India & abroad.

About Faujnet

Faujnet.com provides welfare solutions for current and Ex-Servicemen. Faujnet.com provides its members with career and financial management tools to plan and secure their retirement. The future secure solutions provided by Faujnet.com are utilized by the best and successful organizations across India. These solutions are suited for armed force members from newly commissioned officers to senior veterans across ranks.

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