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Apr 5, 2014

Mediker Gifts Young RJ Winners of ‘Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj’ Personalised Stamps

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Today Patna witnessed six delighted young girls gather in a unique ceremony specially organized to honor their achievements. These winners of the ‘Smart Kalakaar ki Khoj’ initiative by Mediker are young students from the rural areas of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The ceremony witnessed an exciting unveiling of personalized stamps gifted by Mediker with pictures of each of the winners printed individually on every stamp. This one of a kind memorabilia was then presented to the winners as a token of Mediker’s appreciation and commitment towards the young girls.

Over the last two years, Mediker Anti-Lice Treatment has provided a platform for young girls from rural India to showcase their talent and wit by becoming a Radio Jockey on All India Radio (AIR). This initiative titled Mediker’s ‘Smart Kalakaar ki Khoj’ in association with SHARP (School Health Annual Report Programme), has been instrumental in encouraging girls to participate. Today, the radio show “Pyaar Se Suljhaye” which is aired on All India Radio, Patna Station 102.5 MHz on Monday and Tuesday at 2 pm has received over 7 lakh phone calls, with over 300 episodes already aired and around 100 Radio Rockstars till date. A simple and easy call to the toll-free number, 1800 1800 8888 is what it took to participate in the Smart Kalakaar ki Khoj contest.

On their association with Smart Kalakaar ki Khoj, Mr. Rohit Singh, Coordinator from SHARP NGO said “Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj provides a great platform for smart and creative young girls to showcase their talent to a large audience. We are delighted to be associated with Mediker which provides these girls an opportunity to fulfill their aspirations. Seeing these children as achievers and confident individuals makes us proud and happy that we are doing something substantial for the future of our country.”

Mediker Smart Kalakaar ki Khoj is an initiative that celebrates smartness, based on the fundamental premise that “Smart kids don’t scratch their heads”. Mediker has successfully reached out to lakhs of girls in the states, and has also invoked mothers to encourage their daughters to participate. A mother takes great pains to eliminate every deterrent that comes in the way of her child’s success. Lice are a problem that every mother is concerned about, as it distracts the children from their goals and affects their performance at school and other extra-curricular activities. One can proudly say that Mediker’s aim to turn ‘Lice Negative to Life Positive’ for kids has been highly successful.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest, Smt. Christina Dayamni Kashyap, Principal of Girls School Amlatola Gardanibagh, Patna says, “It is a very proud day for me to see these girls being felicitated and encouraged towards the right direction. They come from remote villages and speak with such confidence on AIR! We welcome such initiatives and thank Mediker and SHARP for bringing such opportunities for these students. I wish the winners the very best and hope to see more young girls coming up and showcasing their talent.”

Adding to the celebration, Shri Arun Kumar, Principal B.R. Ambedkar Academy, Bataganj Ramjeechack, Patna says, “It was great to see the winners of Mediker Smart Kalakar Ki Khoj contest with great enthusiasm and excitement. It is a very encouraging initiative of Mediker to felicitate the Radio Rockstars by gifting them the personalised stamps. I believe that such platforms will not only help the child to build their confidence, but will also help them in their academic growth. I wish these young girls a successful life ahead.”

Another Chief Guest, Shri Kamlesh Singh, Principal of Government Boys School, Amlatola Gardanibagh Chitkohra, Patna added, “Mediker Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj has reached out to more than a lakh kids in the past two years. Today is a very special day for the winners who are present at the school for being felicitated by Mediker. The young girls are so excited that I can see the sense of achievement in them. This has been a great platform for young kids to showcase their talent and potential and grow in the country where there is so much of scope and competition.”

On this occasion Risha Kumari, winner of Mediker Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj contest from Gandak Shishu Uccha Vidyalaya, Muzzafarpur, says “I feel very happy and proud to be the winner of Radio Rockstar. I never thought I could do something like this. Mediker Smart Kalakaar ki Khoj gave me a chance to discover my talent. Today, Mediker has surprised us with such a beautiful and personalised stamps which I will cherish all my life.”

Another winner, Bhawani Kumari from Kanya Madhya Vidyalaya, Ghosrama, says, “This has been a very interesting journey. I feel more confident about myself now. I aspire to do well in the coming days in all my endeavours. Thank you Mediker, for giving us this opportunity and making us feel special with the personalised stamps. This will always remain as a great memory for me.”

The names and details of 6 Radio Rockstars are listed below:

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