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Apr 23, 2014

Most Neglected, But Most Important Part of Elections “Issuing Voter ID”

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Well election time has come again and this time, it is good to see that, both the print media and the electronic media has taken the initiative to bring before people the real worth of every candidate and party. We turn on channels and we see debates, public interactions as to what the previous government has done and what the future governments are promising.

But among all these things, we are missing one very important aspect as to how many of citizens have Voter Id’s and are listed to cast their vote. Before taking the initiative to educate the citizens as to the importance of their vote, and they should not sell it for a note or cast or regional feeling. How many know that how many percentage of the voters do really have voter ids.

It is fact that census is taken and names are listed but how many people are issued voter ID cards in time. If we dig into the facts there will be more number of people who do not have voter id’s though they registered on time. If a citizen sells his vote for a note we say it is wrong, or if a person votes on the basis of caste or regional feeling it is wrong. Then how right it is not to give a right person his right to vote.

No one bothers as to how many number of people do not have voter ids and how many were not issued. Officials have varied reasons as to why the cards were not issued on time but is this right? And who is to be questioned and who is to question? Issuing Voter id’s should not be done as a routine just before elections when everyone works in a hurry and hardly have any time to issue all the cards.

This should be done in a regular fashion, keeping the census as to how many percentage of people have voter ids and how many do not have, and how many more voters are added every year. If we keep this updating then we are sure that all the citizens will have their voter id’s issued by the time of elections.

They say that a right person’s silence does more harm to the society than any wrong person does. Likewise if a right and educated citizen cannot exercise his right to vote just because the officials did not issue the card on time, it does equal harm to the entire political system and the society at large.

So, it becomes the primary responsibility of the government and the system, to know where the root of the problem is, and to make necessary changes, so that citizens are issued voter ids on time, so that they can exercise their right and fulfill their duty as a responsible citizen and bring in a responsible and good government.


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