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Apr 25, 2014

Our Ancient Scriptures a true source of Inspiration for today’s Human

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It would not be wrong if we say today hardly any of us “Live Life”. The fact is that, for most of us life has become a struggle, a day to day battle, in the concrete jungle. It is no wonder that we read news about students committing suicide, farmers committing suicide, employees committing suicide and the list goes on.

What is it that we lack today, that is making taking us to this level of hating life and choosing death instead? In the material terms today we are well advanced than our parents and grandparents, we use latest equipment at personal level and professional level to make our life easy and well going.

Our Parents and grandparents never knew the comfort of moving around in AC cars or going went on a holiday nor did they have any of the comforts that we enjoy today. But they were happy and lead a happy life; they even very well managed to bring up a generation of humans with spiritual and human values. What gave them the strength to cope up with life’s up’s and downs?

They never studied any of the self development books or management books, but still they managed to be good humans. What we lack today and what made them stand in life that day is our great Scriptures and spiritual way of life. They too had role models to look up to and to learn from and to imitate, but the difference is today we choose billionaires, millionaires and material wise successful people as our role models.

They instead choose the great Avatara purushas Rama and others as their role models. If we study the life of Lord Rama He is Perfect example as a son, as a student, as a ruler, he was born to rule but never had any greed for power. He happily went to forest leaving all the comforts and taking stand for truth and Dharma. His life was full of challenges and problems yet every time he took stand for what is right.

The truth gave him the strength. Likewise if we study the great epic Mahabharata, on one side we see the people who stand for truth and the other side we see selfish people whose only aim is to secure power at any cost. The Pandavas though born in the Kings family spent most of the time in forest, faced all kinds of possible troubles, but they always followed the path of truth and followed their inner voice and had all the good virtues. On the contrary kauravas enjoyed all the material comforts but were they at peace with themselves or with others we all know the answer.

If we study those scriptures and their life what is it that we cannot learn? We can learn to be patient and forgiving even when we have a reason to get angry. We can learn that if we follow the path of truth we can be happy where ever we are and as whatever we are. But on the other hand though we live life king size enjoying all the comforts, if our thoughts are not in the right direction and you choose the path that is not truth, then life is no life just a punishment.

So, living in today’s society to lead a happy and contended life we need to look back to our past study the life’s of great people. And then take them as our role model, a person who is a total human being in all aspects and in all the roles. Then, when we compare our life to those people’s life our life looks so small and our problems look silly. Then when you hold the hand of truth and listen to your inner voice, life becomes a pleasant and memorable journey.


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