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Apr 14, 2014

With Juvederm Fillers, give the ideal shape to your nose

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With Juvederm Fillers, give the ideal shape to your nose
Dr. Vandana Chatrath, Dermatologist, Delhi

You might love them or loathe them but you can’t ignore them. May it be pop star Madonna or Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra; their perfect facial features leave every women craving. The secret behind their irresistible and appealing personality is not only their talent but their “picture perfect face”.

Facial feature correction is a booming trend in market today, and Rhinoplasty popularly known as “Nose Job” is the most sought after treatment that is gaining popularity among celebrities as well as masses. Often people complain about their ill defined or irregular noses that simply do not compliment to their personalities, while many of them are born with nose deformities.

Rhinoplasty is one among some of the popular procedure that can enhance the appearance of your nose. Deformities like deviated nose, crooked nose, saddle nose or small nose can be treated by Rhinoplasty. Traditionally it is done by surgery, but now non-surgical treatment like Juvederm is gaining popularity as it is less time consuming and near painless procedure.

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose job, is a popular surgery done to improve the shape and size of the nose- such that it suits ones personality just right. This surgical procedure is also done to improve the breathing problem. It can change the size of the nose as well as its width and profile.

These days, most of the minor corrections can be easily done with advanced fillers such as Juvederm XC or Juvederm Voluma. Usually nose can be elevated, and can be made to look straight with fillers. Similarly, these fillers can be also used to achieve minor flattening of nose with ill defined bridge.

Smriti Arora, a 19 yr old girl who studies in Delhi University, says that i was not very happy with the shape of my nose and the idea of going under the knife gives me nightmares, so the idea of non cosmetic rhinoplasty is so overwhelming and I right away got it done and happy to see the results.

Another person, Vidhi Khatri, 25, has also gone for rhinoplasty and seems satisfied with the results, she said that because next year she about to get married so wanted to leave no stone unturned, and she is content that now she has got a whole new look just because that perfect shaped nose.

With the help of Rhinoplasty, wide nose can be made narrower, depressed nose can be elevated, crooked nose -straightened, big nose made smaller and sharper. Nostrils can be made smaller and tip can be elevated.

Prateek Sharma, who is a software engineer, 27, was very upset about his widely shaped nose and he came to know about this non cosmetic surgery through her girlfriend. He says through this procedure his nose became narrow now and he wants to recommend this treatment to others as well.

Minor corrections on hump or depression of bridge, bridge irregularity, nose deviation without breathing problems and nose tip lift are some of the common problems addressed non-surgically with Juvederm fillers.

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid filler which are available in prefilled syringes. This small amount of Juvederm fillers are administered by intradermal injection which temporarily filling and augmenting the treated area of nose to elevate it and correct minor humps, depressions and irregularities.

Juvederm XC gives comfortable injection experience with a lesser treatment time. It contains preservative-free lidocaine that numbs the treatment area within seconds, potentially reducing the need for an additional anesthetic.

Both surgical and non-surgical procedures have their own benefits. According to the requirement and expectations, a candidate can choose between these two procedures with the help of an expert. In addition, these procedures are not recommended for people under the age of 18.

In a month we receive at least 3-4 requests for both surgical and non surgical procedures. Filler injections have advantages of immediate result with no downtime and it last for a year. On the other hand, the surgical procedure is a permanent procedure, but with a downtime of 1-3 months. Fillers like Juvederm are the best option if you need to slightly improve and enhance size or shape of your nose.

If you too have been thinking to get nose correction done, a near painless jab of Juvederm XC filler is your one-stop solution.


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