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May 31, 2014

Power of Thoughts

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power of thoughts
If a man prospers or attains success in his life it is because of his thought process, and if a man remains where he is without any growth and development it is also because of his thoughts. Thoughts play a very important role in shaping the life of a man. Right from childhood so many thoughts are injected into the mind, what kind of thoughts depends on the surroundings?

If the parents and the family members in the family have a positive mind set and know the importance of implanting right kind and positive thoughts into the child’s mind, that child grows up into a confident and positive person. On the contrary if the family atmosphere is not right and the parents themselves have negative thought pattern, it has its effect on the child.

The atmosphere in the family, surroundings the cultural and religious background that we belong to and come from, friends, colleagues our own experiences in life and what we learn and hear from others all these shape a person’s thinking pattern. Naturally we form a habit of thinking and we hardly realize what kind of thoughts we are having and what kind of effect it has on our mind.

Each and every thought has the power of making or breaking our life. So much attention needs to be paid as to what kind of thoughts we are having most of the time during the day. Are we keeping our minds occupied with the right and positive thoughts or are we allowing the mind to wonder here and there, without any direction.

So, if you are a kind of person whose aim is to give life a right direction, keep a check on your thoughts and make it a point that you have only right, encouraging and positive thoughts.


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