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Jul 12, 2014

Benefits of Reading Physical Book vs. E- Book

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The recent developments in the technology have brought huge changes in our life style and one of those changes also includes our habit of book reading. Now a days instead of going to a book store and picking up the book of our choice. We just click the web site and download the book of our choice.

Instead of holding the book in our hand and reading it, we read the book on a computer screen or on a phone screen. We think, well what difference does it make?

But scientists say there is difference between reading an e-book and a physical book. Let us find out those differences.
physical book vs. e-book
It has been proved scientifically, that if you want to master the content of the book, grasp the subject and want to hold it in your mind, reading a physical book is a right choice.

Because when you read a book physically, you touch and feel the book. When you think there is something worth remembering you underline it or mark it, you mind is on the content rather than the graphics or pictures, in short you concentrate more, and your mind is on the subject itself.

So, if you are really concerned about grasping the subject, rather than just turning the pages prefer reading paper books (physical books) instead of e-books.


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