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Jul 30, 2014

Top 12 Health Tips for Rainy Season

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As there are do’s and don’ts for any season, there are also some health precautions that you have to take in rainy season. Because in rainy season our body under goes some changes like lower immunity, lower digestive power and decrease in body strength.

As far as possible one should avoid oily foods, heavy foods that are hard to digest and foods that are frozen. Instead of these foods it is preferable to take food that are easily digestible. Apart from these there are some other tips that will help us stay healthy during the rainy season let us look at them.

1. It is best to take bath with hot water instead of cold water during the rainy season.

2. It is always best to wear slippers at home during the rainy season.

3. As far as possible avoid eating outside food.

4. Wash your hands frequently with hand wash, and as far as possible when your hands are not clean do not touch your face.
rainy season 5. It is best to wear full dress that covers the body entirely during the rainy season.

6. It will be more beneficial if we drink warm water during the rainy season, instead of normal water.

7. We should make sure that there is enough physical activity if it is not there you should exercise regularly.

8. Avoid drinking water that is not filtered and also avoid coming in direct contact with dirty water.

9. If by any chance you get wet in the rain make sure that you dry yourself at the earliest possible, even if your hair gets wet instead of leaving it like that dry it immediately.

10. Make sure that you maintain a minimum of two to three hours gap between having food and going to bed. In other words do not sleep immediately as soon as you have your food. Involve yourself in some activity.

11. Instead of drinking normal tea, add some ginger to it and have it. This will help you to keep away cold that is quite common in rainy season.

12. Keep mosquitoes and flies away from your home or another place. Make sure that the house or office is clean and use mosquito and insect repellents.

Well prevention is always better than cure, so, try to follow these simple and healthy tips to stay fit and active and what else, enjoy the beauties of rainy season.


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