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Jul 11, 2014

Watching TV is Deadly?

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“You Invite Death by Watching Television for More Than Two Hours a Day” Scientists Say

People all around the globe are addicted to television, it is hard to find a home without television in today’s time it has become a part and parcel of our life. But as there are many advantages there are many more disadvantages of watching television, and the latest and the shocking fact is that if you are watching television continuously for more than two hours daily, you are reducing your life span. Want to know more let us look at the facts.

1. Even if you exercise regularly, watching television for more than two hours a day your heart is at risk.

2. People who spend time watching television for more than two hours a day increase the risk of death by many other causes other including cancer.

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3. Television addicts are more likely to die from heart diseases, studies reveal.

4. Weight does not count, you may be overweight or perfectly normal but if you spend more than two hours a day in front of television your life is at risk.

5. Watching television for more hours causes eye strain and fatigue, especially if you are watching it close.
6. Watching television for prolonged hours increases the blood sugar levels in patients.
Well these are just some of the many reasons that should make you to quit watching television for prolonged hours. Another more shocking thing is that children and adults are more at risk by watching television for prolonged hours. So, age does not really matter, because the risk factors are same for everyone and even more for

Children and adults. So, want to prolong life limit watching television.


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