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Aug 8, 2014

Materialistic Life Not Good for You

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Research Says: It’s not good to lead ‘only’ Materialistic Life

What describes a materialistic person? Always thinking of material things, properties, wealth, cash, gold, vehicles, and the list is just unlimited. Today he buys the best model car, tomorrow there is another one out and he is after it. There is no place for the word contentment in the dictionary of a materialistic person.

One desire fulfilled another one takes it place, one wish materializes another one comes up and the wheel goes on and on. So, frankly speaking a person running after the things in the world can never lead a peaceful and contended life. This is what all the spiritual persons of the world since ages have been teaching us but now research has proved this fact that those persons who are purely leading materialistic life can never lead a happy and satisfied life, reasons are.

Materialistic people always see what they lack and what they want to have, so they are never happy with, and are grateful for, what they have in life, this leads to lack of satisfaction and depression in life. On the other hand those people who are grateful for what they have and lead a life filled with gratitude have a positive outlook towards life and are likely to be more satisfied and happy with their life.
materialistic-lifeIt is as simple as looking at a half filled glass, one person sees that it is half full and is happy about the fact and the other one looks that it is half empty and is depressed about it. It is not correct either to completely lead a materialistic life and to avoid spiritual life and to lead a completely spiritual life leaving materialistic life. When we learn how to strike a balance between both, then we will be able to lead a complete and meaningful life.

So, want to lead a happy and satisfied life? Then don’t lead ‘just’ materialistic life.


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