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Aug 27, 2014

The Effects of Watching TV After Work

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What do you do after going home after a long day’s work? Well, the majority would answer, grab the remote and sit In front of the television.

Right this is what most of the people do, but research says that watching TV after work actually makes you feel like a failure and guilty, you do not actually feel relaxed by watching TV.

The study also says that people who have high stress levels did not feel relaxed by watching TV instead they had feelings of guilt and failure.

Earlier research actually showed that watching TV actually relaxes a person, but now a day’s people are sitting in front of television for more hours instead of using the time productively and usefully.

This leads to guilt that they are wasting time. You may not feel more comfort in front of the tv, while trying to do something productive, on the contrary it would deviate you from your mean stream of work.

This feeling itself does not allow us relax instead leads to the feelings of guilt and failure, this is what research says.
watching tv after work
Around us we also find so many people who forget themselves their duties and responsibilities when they start watching TV.
It is the only thing that matters to them and everything else comes second, such attitude is highly dangerous. As long as you exercise control over yourself everything is good, but when things start controlling you, you are at risk.

So, who’s remote is in whose control? Your remote is in TV’s hand or TV’s remote is in your hands? Time to check.


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