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Aug 25, 2014

Top 10 Haunted Places in India

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Many people like traveling to beautiful places, historical places and adventurous places. But leaving aside all these categories there are also some kind of people who love the dark side, people like ghost hunters and people who want to experience the thrill of visiting some haunted places.

If you willing to visit the following listed haunting places, take help of some travel agencies those offer special package to visit such places.

Check out the following haunted places in India, to know about these places before you could decide to visit.  No matter you believe or not in the ghosts or haunting experiences, but sure those places would enthrall you.

1. Bhangarh Fort : This is located in Rajasthan and is the top most in the list of haunted places. Entering inside the fort or staying inside the fort is strictly prohibited after the sunset.

2. Dumas Beach: This is located in Gujarat, in the past sometime this place was used as burial ground, and there have been many instances where people went missing and disappearing from this beach in mysterious ways. So, this also occupies place in one of the top haunted places.

3. Brijraj Bhawan Palace: This is one of the Royal palaces located in Rajasthan. According to what people believe, British Major Mr. Burton and his son were killed in the palace, this was before India’s Independence and since then their souls have made this palace their home.
Bhangarh Fort
4. Dow Hill: This is located in the beautiful place of Darjeeling. According to the believes of the people many people were murdered in the forest and people keep seeing ghosts in the forest, nearby boarding schools and in the areas that are near the forest.

5. Three Kings Church: This is located in Goa. As the story goes, Three Portuguese kings were living in Goa one of the Kings, King Holger Alvunger, who also wanted to gain power invited the tow other kings and poisoned them. Later on he also he also committed suicide.

6. Writer’s Building: This is located in Kolkata. This building was the official residence of the Junior Writers and Clerks during British rule. According to what local people say Captain Simpson of British East India Company was killed in this building, and his spirit is believed to be roaming here in the building. Though this is the secretariat of the state, people do not stay here after the sunset.

7. Bangalore International Airport: This place is in Bangalore, the technology hub of India. Many of the airport staff have seen her, some on runway and some at some other places in the airport, but whenever someone tries to approach her or help her she immediately disappears.

8. The Shaniwarwada Fort: This is located in Pune. According to what local people say a prince was killed in the fort by his own relatives. Many people say that Para normal activities take place after the sunset in the fort, so no one goes inside the fort after the sunset.

9. Taj Mahal Hotel Palace: This is located in Mumbai; this was constructed by Tata Group and is famous for its outstanding architectural work. According to the belief the architect of the Hotel killed himself in the building as it was not constructed according to his plan. Many people claim to have seen the ghost of the architect in the corridors of the hotel.

10. Agrasen Ki Baoli: This is located in Delhi the capital of India and very near to Jantar Mantar. According to the believes of the local people, the water in the step well, hypnotizes people to commit suicide in the well, as it is filled with black water.

Well, these are only some of the top most haunted places in India. Next time you want to try some adventure, try going to these places.


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