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Sep 21, 2014

Stock Market Business Good for You?

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Stock market business has been luring new and old investors toward the share and scrips for many decades.

Stock market in India, has been consider as equal to betting, where people do fear about losing more than the quantity of gain.

In reality, stock market is same as we have negative impression about it.

Stock market is the one kind of business, that everybody should love to do.

The first logic is that, companies are the main aspect in stock market, where they sell their stock or scrip (may not necessarily directly).

The term company is closely associated with profit or profit making in general or business sense.

If a start up company could become one successful company after listing at stock market, then the stock or scrips of the same company would be gaining much.

Ultimately, the stock holder or investors would be getting high price for the exchange of stock and dividend as decided by the board of directors of the company.

In stock market, how a lay-man would gain money?

Well, for that they need to purchase stock and do need to monitor the price of the share or stock they have purchased.

Simply, if the share is traded on higher price simply sell it, else hold it to see if it would be traded more than the value, you fixed to sell.

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And if the share is losing is value in the stock market, then sell it, get your money back.

Interesting thing about stock market is that, you can suffer loss, but you are going to get back the money, and that would be the same as if you lent money to any person.

Why not invest in banks rather putting into risky stock market?

Right, this assumption is right, seldom anybody would agree to take the risk in stock market. But the fact is that, those are ready to take the risk, they win and lose in stock market.

Another factor is that, one can get more interest return for their investment in stock market, but not always.

There share in stock market are just like products, you need to keep those and trade for a profit, and loss is inevitable in business.


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