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Sep 26, 2014

Who will you hug today?

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If you have noticed a puzzling rise in the amount of hugs going around you, it is because today is the ‘Hug a Vegetarian Day’. As the name literally suggests, it is the official day for hugging vegans and vegetarians or, if you are an herbivore yourself, for receiving them. It is an annual event happening on the last Friday of every September, validated and supported by PETA.

The online food delivery marketplace foodpanda( www.foodpanda.in) listed 10 of our beloved celebs -from curious philosophers around 500 BC to the coolest icons of the red carpet- to surprise and inspire us.

Name: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi)
Occupation: Indian spiritual and political leader
Country: India

Not to our surprise, Mahatma Gandhi was born a vegetarian. Born into a vegetarian family, lived in a vegetarian country, and belonged to a vegetarian faith. Regardless of his hereditary, Gandhi was a vegetarian by choice. He believed the only reason to be vegetarian was a moral one.

As a Hindu, he envisioned the soul of God within each being. He identified himself with all that lives, and felt compassion, pity and a brotherhood with all. Gandhi believed that humankind must follow a path of non-violence, non-abundance, and merciful living, for life on this planet to sustain itself.

Vegetarian Day#2
Name: Sir Paul McCartney
Occupation: Musician, member of The Beatles
Country: United Kingdom

The former Beatle-member introduced a line of frozen vegetarian meals under his wife’s name, Linda McCarthey, in 1991. Similarly, he has said the 1942 Disney film Bambi inspired him to take an interest in animal rights. "You look through a lot of these great stories - Dumbo, his mum is quite badly treated […] A lot of these classic stories, through their efforts, kids - as I once was - have grown up feeling it's a bad idea to be cruel to animals."

Name: Amitabh Bachhan
Occupation: Actor, producer, singer, Television presenter 
Country: India

The legendary Indian film actor likes simple things in life and so like simplicity in his food. Being the hottest vegetarian of B town, he has been named the hottest vegetarian celebrity three times in the past by PETA.

Name: Natalie Portman
Occupation: Actress
Country: United States

Portman became vegetarian when she was eight years old. In 2009, she went a step further and followed a vegan lifestyle. The actress refuses to wear fur, feathers or leather. In 2007, she also launched her own vegan shoe line for “Te Casan”.

Name: Narendra Modi 
Occupation: Prime Minister
Country: India

Narendra Modi, the current and the 15th Prime Minister of India was born in Gujrat. Modi, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), also served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat state from 2001 to 2014.He follows a vegetarian diet and likes Gujarati snacks like Bhakhri. He follows ascetic lifestyle and regular yoga exercises to keep himself fit.

Name: Bob Marley
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, Guitarist
Country: Jamaica

Marley's spiritual beliefs led him to follow a vegetarian diet emphasizing "Ital" foods. 'Ital' is employed throughout Rastafari jargon as a way to emphasize the oneness and unity of life. Ital food promotes a healthy mind, body, spirit, and environment. It is as fresh as possible, free from additives, preservatives, and other chemicals; and in most cases dairy free.

Name: Shahid Kapoor
Occupation: Actor
Country: India

Shahid Kapoor began his career by working in several music videos and television commercials. The actor has been a great promoter of vegetarianism and believes that being vegetarian is a lifestyle change and something that comes from a sense of responsibility. He won the title of PETA Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Man for 2011.

Name: Ellen Page
Occupation: Actress
Country: United States

Our rising star from 2007’s hit movie Juno has been named alongside Jared Leto PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2014. Page took to twitter to share her concerns over what she sees as the cruelty of the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

# 9
Name: Anne Hathaway 
Occupation: Actress
Country: United States

Our sexy cat woman was not able to decide whether to be vegetarian or not for a long time. Latest news are that she is back off the meat and fish since the filming of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. In order to be able into her snug Catwoman cat suit Anne switched to a vegan diet. Well done, Anne! We can clearly see the perks that came with it.

Name: Jared Leto
Occupation: Actor
Country: United States

Last but certainly not least, is this year’s winner of PETA’s sexiest vegetarian celebrities’ competition: Leto is an Oscar-winning actor, sexy rock star and… vegan! He has been a vegetarian since boyhood when he decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle just a couple years later.


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