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Oct 8, 2014

E-commerce blues: Online Sales Vs Retail Sales

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E-commerce blues: Online Sales Vs Retail Sales

The mega sale advertisement in India has triggered question - whether the online sales would enough to impact high on retail sales.

E-commerce has been taking a giant share in business arena, where customer have been preferring to buy online.

Considering the traditional business model in India, this development could hit the retail market and small business units.

The technology advancement has made the shopping more easy and hassles free, and thanks to the E-commerce trade in India.

Now just browse the sites - online portals, chose your product and pay through any means , and some of those also allowing cash on delivery.

Now lets check, what it would be like if we go for shopping in traditional way - you will start you journey from home to market, reach the shop - chose the products, then you will pay and back to home.

Purchasing online could be more easy considering the purchasing at retail outlets or shops. Internet would help you know many more options to get best deals for the products your are looking for.

The impact of the e-commerce would be high on retail sales, as the number of internet users have been increasing rapidly in India.

The more number of internet users - more customers for the online shopping portals or e-commerce customers.

Just there is shift customers to e-commerce customers.


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